Wild Oak Beard Co. was founded in 2018 by Nick Debbins and his wife Janelle.  Nick tried countless beard products finding many he liked but few to fall in love with.  We came to a point where we knew what we wanted in our balms and oils but grew tired of searching for it, so we decided to create our own with three principles in mind; natural, simple, and wild.  No fluff, no frill, no extras, just a product a man can be proud to use.  After months of trials, 21 different recipes, countless friends’ beards, and one very patient wife, our signature scent Oak and Hide balm was born, followed quickly by our other four original scents.  We wanted to create something strong enough for the wildest of gentlemen but gentle enough for our toddler to pretend to put on to be just like Daddy.  He’s partial to peppermint by the way. By using natural ingredients with zero fillers and creating each batch meticulously by hand we were able to do just that.

It has been said that the wolf on the top of the hill is as never as hungry as the wolf climbing.  We have come a long way from making single 2oz. units in a glass bowl over a double boiler but we are well aware we are still climbing a very large hill with plenty of other hungry wolves.  Our promise to you is to never feel we have reached the top of that hill.  We will continue releasing new scents and products making each better than the last.  Stay with us because the only thing that will be growing bigger and healthier than Wild Oak Beard Co. will be your beard!

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